Church Of The Graveyard Saints

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"Masterful...The history of the land and the people who populate it are interwoven into the very fabric of a plot that could grace the headlines in current news cycles." --DURANGO HERALD "The landscape looms large in this contemplative novel...with both passion and compassion Greaves takes] readers on a lyrical, vivid tour of the West." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "Greaves' environmentalist passions echo on every page without interfering with the story, thanks to his convincing characters, breakneck pace, and lyrical depictions of rural life." --BOOKLIST "Timely and well-told...this compelling tale could have been ripped from the headlines." --ANNE HILLERMAN, author of The Tale Teller and other novels in the Chee, Leaphorn and Manuelito mystery series "Take a walk through Church of the Graveyard Saints, take a walk into one hell of a book with one of my favorite authors, Chuck Greaves." --CRAIG JOHNSON, author of the Walt Longmire series, the basis of the Netflix drama Longmire "No stranger to the landscape of the modern west, Greaves produces a tightly plotted drama that explores the extremes of preservation and development, and the political theater that can destroy everything in between." --BEAU L'AMOUR, author (with Louis L'Amour) of No Traveler Returns "With prose at once lyrical and propulsive, Greaves weaves a spellbinding tale of multigenerational love and conflict set against the ongoing battle to preserve the peerless landscape of the American West." --SCOTT GRAHAM, author of the National Park Mystery Series "Greaves is a master of the language." --DOUGLAS PRESTON "Greaves is one helluva good storyteller." --THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Returning to her small Colorado hometown to find her old high school flame newly single and a new gas field threatening her family's cattle ranch, eco-activist Addie Decker ignites an armed conflict revealing cold truths about love and family, forgiveness and self-discovery.