Honey House Large Gift Set

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Three wonderful products combined into one great gift that will soothe, moisturize, product and rejuvenate to make this a top selling gift set. a beautifully wrapped 3.5oz soap bar that is loaded with shea butter and honey, this gentle soap will cleanse condition and re-hydrate thirsty skin. a large bee bar solid lotion (2oz) melts on skin to fully moisturize and soothe dry and damaged hands and skin. Lip butters glide smoothly on lips while moisturizing. 3 piece soap gift set includes: large bee bar, lip butter tube, florentine paper wrapped soap in a tagged organza bag.

Gift set combinations Vanilla bee bar, vanilla almond lip, honey soap Citrus bee bar, tangerine lip, citrus soap Lavender bee bar, raspberry lemonade lip, lavender soap Honey bee bar, raspberry pomegranate lip, honey soap Hawaiian bee bar, mango lip, citrus soap Peppermint bee bar, peppermint lip, honey soap Natural bee bar, natural lip, honey soap